When you buy a PRO account, you turn your Web Site, blog, products and services into revenue
Easy set-up. We help you. Charge for content, projects small and large, artwork or services.

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PRO Account

CHARGE people
Pro gives you a full WordPress Web site, blog and a payment system, allowing you to charge for products, content, services, for your attention ... you name it—PRO has you covered.

Your new account information will be emailed to you along with tutorial instructions, within 2 hours—during business hours, within 12 otherwise. Though usually far sooner. Support available by email. Set-up support available by phone.

• We walk you through a very easy set-up
• Take credit cards TODAY
• Charge for content, products or your attention
• Integrate your web site &/or blog with payments
• Take payments with smartphone, tablet or online
Square also charges a small fee. When it's used.

$280 / year

Full Service

You don't have time for this. We'll do it all for you.

• Web design & development
• Marketing communications
• Brand | Corporate Identity
• Tracking | Statistics
• Social Media management
• Application design & development
• Coaching | Teaching platforms

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