iSlider Section

A slick content-width slider to showcase your important content that can be added anywhere on any page. The slider comes loaded with useful options that are a breeze to customize. Scroll Slider is being used on the homepage.

iTabs Section

This section provides very simple, clean-looking tabs. These tabs turn into accordion-collapsible content panels on mobile devices.

iHeader Section

A highly configurable responsive section with navigation, social links and logo area. Easily choose the Wordpress menu you want to display, upload your own logo and choose whether or not to exclude the social icons in the options panel.

iSubheader Section

A dynamic page header area that supports dynamic and custom title, sub navigation and call to action.

iChart Section

iChart allows you to create amazing HTML5 charts easily and visualize your data in a slick way. Animated and customizable

iBlog Section

iBlog allows you to display your latest blog entries with thumbnail, excerpt, title, date and "Read More" link. This section is minimal and extremely focused on the content.

iFooter Section

This section displays breadcrumbs with an icon that can be customized in the options panel. iFooter also allows you to display 4 different WordPress menus and custom copyright text.

iShoutBox Section

iShoutBox is a simple dismissible alert box that helps you improve the effectiveness of your website. Create alerts that show the right message at the right time to your website visitors.