Monetize your life. Your brain. Your creation.

With Take-Two. A story platform.

Take-Two is a monetization tool. A vehicle to broadcast far and wide. Or to yourself.

Something to be accountable to—publish with—bring forth life where only you knew it to grow.

Build a brag-book—reminder—travel journal—confession
—drawing board—debut—poem—novel—script—newsletter—product sheet
—tour schedule—whatever your mind can imagine. Use Take-Two. A no-limits platform.

Broadcast anything at all.

except cruelty of any kind

Take-Two + Story = Money
An easy-to-use, WordPress-powered monetization tool, allowing you to publish content and
—with a pro account—charge for that content—sell products, services or ... whatever you want.

or not. Charge a feeor not.
Sign your own name
or not.

Advertising Model
For those choosing to monetize content using ads (think YouTube or Adsense) ... Take-Two has turned the ad model on it's head, by giving the blog or site owner the revenue it generates.

When is the last time Facebook shared it's ad revenue with you ?

YouTube does share it's vast advertising revenue with content generators. (Facebook doesn't share any.) But, the people generating the content—those taking the risk—they get just over half the ad revenue their content generates. Google takes 45% and content generators keep 55%.
Take-Two turns AD REVENUE SPLITS on their head. The content generator—YOU—gets 80% of the ad revenue. Almost all of it.

AND, YOUR CONTENT IS ALL YOUR OWN. No corporation owns it. Uses it. No corporation will be funneling ad dollars to people that aren't you.

Content Model

The money of it is that content is valuable.

People that do common things will charge others for them. People who do uncommon things will charge more.

Because Take-Two caters to the content generator, content is the driving force.

Take-Two is a do-it-yourself broadcast channel. Newsletters just got easy. Journals. Reports. Listings. Product Updates. Embed videos, audios, photos and text. Anything you may want to share using a url link.

Whatever people can imagine—we support them broadcasting it here. For business. For pleasure. For all the in-between.

Go ahead. Imagine.



Take-Two gives you a space on the Web — your own real estate. Share it or not. Monetize it or not. But, put it here and it will be here when you need it. You own it. It's yours. Whatever that is.

No corporation owns it. No one else uses it. No one will be funneling ad dollars to people that aren't you.