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We'll give anyone that wants one, a SPECTACULAR web destination.

A product web site, a portfolio, a blog, art, anything
Take-Two equips you with killer web design and
easy-to-update, web-based management over the entire thing.

Choose to share or store.

It's almost FREE at only $28 per year

All options include WordPress, hosting and support. They all enable you to
publish content (or keep your content private) and should you wish to charge for
said content, you may do so—with a PRO account. Bring your story to the world.

almost FREE

$28 per year

Web site & Blog
Your new WordPress web site and blog will be installed and login credentials will be emailed within 12 hours. Usually far sooner than that.

• WordPress blog & web site
• Hosting one year
• Support one year
• Video training
• Email & group support
No auto renew required. Upgrade anytime.

almost FREE is a WordPress Multisite and blog. For full Wordpress installation (few restrictions to plug-ins, themes, etc.) you may upgrade to PRO at any time.


Example almost FREE site here.


Another example almost FREE Web site here.



$280 per year

Full WordPress site and credit card processing system. Hosting, group and email support for one full year.
Set up shop and take credit cards !

• Spectacular images
• Professional layouts
• Unlimited expansion
• WordPress Web Site + Blog
• Hosting for one full year
• Email Support one year
• Search Engine Optimized
We DO NOT auto-renew. We will check with you in a year, regarding renewal.


Photo Coach Selling Premium Content

Selling premium content can be as simple as partitioning off more valuable content, for paying eyes only.

See example MONETIZED site HERE. Beta site.


See example live site here.



Head over to our Training Center.

For pros and those starting out. Training at all levels available—group, one-on-one, video and private training.

• Wordpress for beginners and for pros
• Bye bye PayPal — Take Credit Cards Today
• Love at First Site
• Video for Increased Exposure & Traffic
• Branding | Strategy
• Social Media +
Add training anytime and only pay for what you need.


Full Service

Want to mind your own business while we handle the tech ? We got you.

• Web design & development
• Marketing communications
• Tracking | Statistics
• Social Media management
• Application design & development
• Teaching | Coaching platforms

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